GC Technology Limited

Low Profile Large Platform Scissor Lift

Low Profile Scissor Alignment Lift, GC-3.5M418,GC-4.0M418,GC-4.5M418,GC-5.5M418


  • Luxurious scissor profile platform structure with super synchronization.
  • Level can be well adjusted to meet the need for wheel alignment.
  • Device performs stable and reliable work relying on imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.
  • The pneumatic self-locking system and anti-explosion pipe structure are automatic opening when lowering which ensure the safety of the device.
  • Ingenious and unique sliding system and closed platform, also don't need ground pits.
  • With trolley guide rail and can add the second lifting trolley (optional part).
  • The position of the front wheel turntable (optional part) is adjustable and suitable for various types of automobile.

 Model  GC-3.5M418  GC-4.0M418  GC-4.5M418  GC-5.5M418
 Capacity  3500kg  4000kg  4500kg  5500kg
 Lifting height  1830mm
 Overall width  2070mm
 Overall length  5470mm  5970mm  6500mm
 Platform width  635mm
 Platform length  4000mm  4500mm  5030mm
 Minimum height  180mm
 Lifting time  ≤50S
 Lowering time  ≤60S
 Secondary Lift
 Capacity  2000kg  2000kg  3000kg
 Lifting height  375mm
 Voltage AC 400 or 230V ± 5% 50 Hz

Rolling Jack