GC Technology Limited

Mid Rise Scissor Lift

Mid Rise Scissor Lift, GC-3.0SSV

Mid Rise Scissor Lift (without Mechanical Lock )

  • Low profile structure for on ground installation
  • Low voltage control (24V)
  • With antiknock valve and safety valve to ensure the safety
  • With extension ramp to suit for more vehicles
  • Perform stable and reliable relying on some imported components
  • Dual hydraulic circuit with solenoid valves that protect against pipe breakage
  • Hydraulic-volumetric synchronism of platforms without any torsion bar 

 Capacity  3000kg
 Lifting height  960mm
 Overall width  1860mm
 Overall length  2030mm
 Platform width  530mm
 Platform length  1450-2030mm
 Minimum height  105mm
 Lifting time  ≤50S
 Lowering time  ≤60S
 Voltage AC 400 or 230V ± 5% 50 Hz

Without Mechanical Lock