GC Technology Limited

Infrared Curemaster

Shortwave Infrared Paint Curemaster, GT7602HF

  • Professional curing system for waterborne paints.
  • Speed up water born paint curing time.
  • Ideal for small repair or touch up.
  • Cover large curing area.
  • Air blow gun can be mounted wherever needed.
  • With quick coupling and stable structure, aire blow gun, cassette and support can be installed conveniently.
  • Flexible cassette can be adjusted up & down, enabling cure car body at different positions.

 Model No.  GT7602HF
 Power supply  220-240v 50/60hz 1ph
 Power rating  2 x 1000 w
 Curing area  1200 x 1000 mm
 Curing distance  40-50 cm
 Air consumption  350 l/min
 Working pressure  3-3.5 bar
 Number of cassette  2 sets with air blow gun for water-born paints
 Lamp tube  VPower quartz shortwave infrared halogen lamp tube
 Curing temperature  30-80oC
 Timer  0-60 min (adjustable)
 Supporting post  Aluminum alloy
 Overall dimensions  580 x 500 x 1680 mm
 Packing dimensions  1680 x 230 x 585 mm
 Net weight  20kg
 Gross weight  23kg

Air blow gun provides effective solution for
drying waterborne paints
Cassette is able to move upward and
downward and rotation