GC Technology Limited

Infrared Curemaster

Shortwave Infrared Paint Curemaster - GT76003W


 Power supply  220-240V 50/60HZ 1PH
 Power rating  3 x 1100W
 Curing area  1200 x 1000mm
 Number of cassette  3 sets
 Lamp tube  VPower quartz shortwave infrared halogen lamp tube
 Timer  0-60min
 Control system  Fully automatic overload protection. Equipped with
 digital display

Equipped with shortwave infrared double-layer halogen lamp tube that is specifically designed according to the requirements of curing body paint with advantage of well-distribution of heat energy, curing more effective and gentle light intensity. 
Control system with PET hot press molding technique and touch-key panel design provides high stability and durability. Time and temperature can be shown simultaneously by the dual-window digital display of control system for accurate settings according to body paint requirements.
Waterproof power switch for safety
 Easy movement of the system. Heavy-duty caster with brake in order to fix the system in position.